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Picket Fence Studios Candy Corn Sequin Mix + Embellishments sqc-191

The Picket Fence Studios Candy Corn Sequin Mix Plus Embellishments is a delightful and versatile addition to your crafting collection, perfect for adding a touch of Halloween magic to your projects. This Sequin Mix Plus offers an enhanced version of regular sequin mixes, as it includes not only sequins but also unique embellishments. Inside the compact cases with clear lids, you'll find a mix of gorgeous sequins in clear, yellow, copper, and autumn colors. Alongside the sequins, there are polymer clay candy corn pieces, bones, and orange beads, adding a charming touch to your projects. The clear lids allow you to easily peek inside and the flat lids also enable you to stack the containers on a shelf or in a drawer, keeping your crafting area neat and organized. Approximately 1 tablespoon of embellishments in each case.
UPC: 602309348335