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Picket Fence Studios Espresso Yourself Clear Stamps s-207


The Espresso Yourself Clear Stamps by Picket Fence Studios is a delightful addition to the Sentiments collection. This 4 x 6-inch clear polymer stamp set features a generous selection of 16 stamps, all centered around the theme of coffee and tea. Here are some of the delightful sentiments included in this set:
    •    A cup a day helps keep the insanity away
    •    Coffee, cheaper than therapy
    •    Spill it!
    •    I have some beans to spill
    •    My coffee bar is always open for you
    •    Coffee reminds me of you: Strong, sweet and a necessity
    •    Tea, cheaper than therapy
    •    You always have hot water and tea leaves at the ready. Just one reason why we’re friends.
    •    Make good choices
    •    milk and sugar are always optional. But you my dear, are not.
    •    I’m always here for you to espresso yourself
    •    no to adding milk, but yes to that cookie
    •    if your kettle’s too full, call me. I’m always ready for a good brew
    •    I know you have your priorities straight because I peeked into your tea cabinet
    •    I am glad we share the same love language: hot water and an extra cup
    •    I hope your cup overflows Wirth love and friendship

UPC: 602309350499