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Picket Fence Studios Paper Glaze Sampler Set pg-127


Paper Glaze is a smooth, creamy pearlescent medium used to create texture and shimmer. Use on paper projects by pushing through a stencil, dabbing onto die-cuts or stamped images, or watering down to use as a watercolor or wash. Best used with 100 lb. or thicker cardstock. Drying time varies from climate to climate and the thickness of the application. Be sure to clean tools, surfaces and stencils quickly after use. Keep away from heat and direct sunlight for a longer shelf life. Store with the lid facing up. Once dry, Paper Glaze can be colored with dye or alcohol ink. Try mixing colors for unique shades, adding ink refills for different hues, dropping alcohol ink on top, blending dye ink or watercolor after drying, or adding to glitter cardstock. Includes three 1-ounce jars in Golden Rose, Snowdrop White and Artemis Silver.

UPC: 602309347635