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Picket Fence Studios Paper Pouncers Fall ppp-103

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  • Picket Fence Studios
  • $12.99

    Paper Pouncers are a way to apply ink to intricate die cuts, stencils, and many other paper crafting projects! These top-quality super-soft SPONGE applicators are not your momma’s old inking tool! Paper Pouncers were custom designed by Picket Fence Studios to make applying ink easier, faster, and more comfortable on the hands. These are ergonomic in design for easy application, ideal for people with hand, wrist or elbow issues as the punching motion is a gentle action. Simply add ink onto the sponge head and pounce away! The sponge will not tear or snag delicate die cuts or stencils. For targeted control, hold where the handle meets the sponge. This Fall set includes 3 Pouncers in pink, orange and marron. Use with water-based inks, watercolors or embossing ink. Clean with a damp cloth or wipe. Each Pouncer comes with its own color-coordinated holder for simple storage and display.

    UPC: 602309348311