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Picket Fence Studios Tropical Cocktail Shaker Dies pfsd-236


Tropical Cocktail Shaker Dies from Picket Fence Studios. This 5 x 7-inch wafer-thin die set features 4 dies designed to help you create vibrant and refreshing shaker cards with a tropical cocktail theme. The largest die in the set measures approximately 2.93 x 3.77 inches.
With these dies, you can easily craft interactive shaker cards featuring tropical cocktail elements. The set includes one hurricane glass die with the stem attached, as well as another smaller top that can be used interchangeably with the same stem. Additionally, the set includes a bent straw die for added detail and authenticity. To complete the tropical vibe, the set also includes a toothpick garnish die featuring a cherry and a lemon or lime wedge. Compatible with most die-cutting machines, these high-quality dies ensure clean and precise cuts, allowing you to achieve professional-looking results. Simply run the dies through your die-cutting machine along with your chosen paper or cardstock, and watch as the tropical cocktail elements come to life. Whether you're creating vacation-themed cards, party invitations, or summer celebration projects, these dies will add a delightful touch of fun and interactivity to your creations. Get ready to shake things up and craft refreshing tropical cocktail-inspired designs!

UPC: 602309343316