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Picket Fence Studios Whiskey Drink Shaker Dies pfsd-231


Whiskey Drink Shaker Dies from Picket Fence Studios. This 5 x 7-inch wafer-thin die set includes 8 dies, designed to help you create stylish shaker cards featuring whiskey drink elements. The largest die in the set represents a glass and measures approximately 3.4 x 1.87 inches.
With these dies, you can easily craft interactive shaker cards with a whiskey drink theme. The set includes two tall drinking glasses, one straw, a stalk of celery, a wedge of lime or lemon, three ice cubes grouped together, a cherry, and a sprig of garnish. These dies allow you to create layered and detailed alcohol-related drink elements for your shaker cards.
Compatible with most die-cutting machines, these high-quality dies ensure clean and precise cuts, making it easy to achieve professional-looking results. Simply run the dies through your die-cutting machine along with your chosen paper or cardstock, and watch as the whiskey drink elements come to life. Cheers to crafting and creating memorable whiskey-inspired designs!

UPC: 602309343279