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Polkadoodles Switchables Circles Triptych Stencil and Mask pd8763


Switchables are an amazing creative Stencil system invented by Polkadoodles, designed by Nikky Hall, to bring more creative possibilities to stenciling and masking in an easy-to-use system that is buildable. The Triptych includes a slimline stencil which will fit most slimline card shapes but can also be layered to create larger projects. Inside the circles are three different designs of florals, pinwheels, and shapes. When you receive the Switchable stencil, snip out the center patterns with a pair of scissors and ensure you remove the tabs (which are simply there to keep them in place so they don’t get lost in transit). Stencils are made of 190-micron mylar and are approximately 6 x 8 inches.
Here are some of the ways you can use the Switchable stencil:
•    Use the aperture stencil as a mask to create a template for blending panels onto a card. You can overlap them to create layers and mosaics, making them completely switchable.
•    Forget about the need to mask off blending areas; the Switchable Stencil and Mask in 1 take care of it for you.
•    Use the apertures to quickly and easily highlight areas of a stamped image. Place the stencil over the area you want to highlight and blend the edges, ensuring the rest of your image is masked and free of ink.
•    Place the pattern into the aperture to create a patterned background on your project. First, blend ink through the aperture and then apply the pattern over the top to get a double color effect quickly and easily.
•    You can switch the patterns around within the apertures to create different looks. Either use the same pattern in all apertures or use a combination of patterns.
•    Overlay the patterns on top of the inked apertures to create double-layered looks.
•    Use the Switchable patterns on their own to create amazing patterned backgrounds for cards, crafts, etc. They are great for creating your own backing papers.
•    Use the Switchable stencil with a die-cutting machine embossing mat to create fabulous embossed backgrounds.
With its versatility, the Switchables system allows for easy and creative crafting, giving you the freedom to experiment with different designs and techniques.

UPC: 5060921391378