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Pretty Pink Posh Halloween House Dies


The Pretty Pink Posh Halloween House Dies offer a high-quality 100 percent steel craft die set, tailor-made for various creative projects, including scrapbooking and paper crafts. The set includes 10 individual pieces, providing ample versatility for crafters.

The main feature of this die set is the Halloween house, which measures approximately 4 inches in width and 5.3125 inches in height. The house die allows you to create a spooky and enchanting Halloween-themed scene for your crafts.

Designed and crafted with care in the USA, these Halloween House Dies are compatible with most die-cutting machines, ensuring ease of use and convenience for crafters. Embrace the spirit of Halloween and let your imagination run wild as you use this fantastic die set to create eerie and captivating Halloween houses for your projects. Unleash your creativity and bring your spooky dreams to life with the Pretty Pink Posh Halloween House Dies!

UPC: ppp2437