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S2-375 Spellbinders Crocus and Ladybugs Etched Dies


Introducing the Spellbinders Crocus and Ladybugs Etched Dies from the Snow Garden Collection by Susan Tierney-Cockburn. This set of six thin metal cutting dies allows you to create a cheerful spray of crocus flowers, bringing much-needed color after a long winter. These small-yet-mighty flowers, with their vibrant blooms and sweet fragrance, entice hungry bees out of their hives, heralding the arrival of spring. The set includes two sets of narrow leaves, two sets of petals, a stamen, and two adorable ladybugs, offering you versatile options to craft delightful floral arrangements.

Adorn a package with an individual crocus bud, or create several and gift a full bouquet to brighten someone's day!

The Snow Garden Collection by Susan Tierney-Cockburn features a fresh and enchanting selection of winter florals and greenery, perfect for embellishing projects of all kinds during the holiday season. Add festive cheer to all your paper crafting projects with these beautiful dimensional blooms, pinecones, and foliage.

Approximate Size:

  • Petal Layer 1: 1.67 x 1.39 inches
  • Petal Layer 2: 1.65 x 1.49 inches
  • Stamen: 0.54 x 0.41 inches
  • Small V Leaves: 0.61 x 1.28 inches
  • Large V Leaves: 0.78 x 1.92 inches
  • Small Ladybug: 0.22 x 0.26 inches
  • Large Ladybug: 0.29 x 0.34 inches

With the Crocus and Ladybugs Etched Dies, you can celebrate the beauty of spring and create charming floral arrangements that evoke the joy and vibrancy of the season. Whether you're designing cards, gift embellishments, or seasonal decorations, these dies offer endless opportunities for creativity. Delight in the process of crafting and spread the magic of nature's awakening to your loved ones with these lovely crocus flowers and adorable ladybug accents.

UPC: 813233037411