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s3-410 Spellbinders Cameo Etched Dies


The Spellbinders Cameo Etched Dies set is a charming collection of five thin metal cutting dies that, when combined, create a delightful silhouette featuring a flower-filled oval laurel frame. This beloved fan favorite offers versatile crafting options. Use all the dies together to achieve a vintage-inspired look with the sweet silhouette and floral oval laurel frame. Alternatively, use the laurel frame as a versatile base for various crafting elements. You can customize and enhance your designs by adding additional flowers from other die sets, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Here are the approximate sizes for the individual dies included in this set:

Laurel Frame: 2.60 x 3.20 inches Silhouette: 1.20 x 1.70 inches Bow Loops: 0.35 x 0.30 inches Bow Tails: 0.55 x 0.32 inches Large Flower: 0.50 x 0.50 inches Small Flower: 0.40 x 0.40 inches Large Leaf x 2: 0.45 x 0.40 inches Small Leaf x 2: 0.55 x 0.20 inches Flower Center x 2: 0.15 x 0.15 inches

UPC: 812062032802