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S3-449 Spellbinders DANCIN DEER Etched Dies


Dancin' Deer Etched Dies is part of the Tinsel Time Collection with a set of 11 thin metal cutting dies. Put the pieces together to create a fun standing deer and that's not all, it dances with its moving legs! The set includes a scarf and a candy cane. The assembled deer measures 1.86 x 3.31 in. Make more to do a line dance or add partners like S3-455 Dancin' Snowman and S4-1196 Dancin' St. Nick.

Approximate Size:
Head Base: 1.38 x 1.17 in.
Head Layer: 1.38 x 1.04 in.
Antler 2 pcs: 0.46 x 0.26 in.
Nose: 0.16 x 0.16 in.
Body: 0.82 x 1.03 in.
Chest Fur: 0.56 x 0.75 in.
Front Leg 2 pcs: 0.38 x 0.89 in.
Holding Hoof 2 pcs: 0.27 x 0.,23 in.
Front Leg Hoof 2 pcs: 0.20 x 0.23 in.
Scarf: 0.57 x 0.80 in.
Dancing Back Legs: 0.27 x 1.42 in.
Back Leg Hoof 2 pcs: 0.23 x 0.23 in
Candy Cane Base: 0.56 x 1.28 in.
Candy Cane Layer: 0.56 x 1.28 in.

UPC: 813233031372