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S5-586 Stampendous Bear Hugs Etched Dies


The Stampendous Bear Hugs Etched Dies are a delightful addition to the Stampendous Hugs Collection. This set includes 16 thin metal cutting dies that allow you to create an adorable bear character that is ready to give hugs and bring joy to someone's day. When assembled, the bear's arms and legs are scored to fold, allowing it to literally give hugs!

In addition to the main bear die, this set also includes several accessories such as a honey pot, megaphone, hearts, ribbons, and even a smaller teddy bear to hug. These accessories can be used to customize the bear's appearance and create different scenes and themes. The honey pot and megaphone add a playful touch, while the hearts and ribbons can be used to convey love and affection.

To add even more personality and sentiment to your projects, the Stampendous Bear Hugs Etched Dies are designed to work perfectly with the STP-200 Bear Hugs and Sentiments Clear Stamp Set. This stamp set features various facial expressions and wonderful sentiments that are specifically designed to coordinate with the bear character created with the etched dies. You can combine the dies and stamps to bring the bear to life and convey heartwarming messages of love and warmth.

The thin metal cutting dies in this set are made with high-quality materials and are designed for precise cutting. They can be used with most leading die-cutting and embossing machines, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

With the Stampendous Bear Hugs Etched Dies and the Bear Hugs and Sentiments Clear Stamp Set, you have all the tools you need to create charming and heartwarming projects featuring an adorable hugging bear. Whether you're making cards, scrapbook pages, or other paper crafts, these dies and stamps will bring a smile to anyone's face and make your creations extra special.

Approximate Size:
Bear Body: 3.73 x 3.91 in.
Bear Face Insert: 2.09 x 1.78 in.
Bear Scoreline Insert: 2.21 x 0.12 in.
Small Bear: 2.19 x 2.14 in.
Honey Jar: 1.17 x 1.52 in.
Honey Jar Label Outline: 1.08 x 0.33 in.
Honey Jar Label Insert: 1.01 x 0.27 in.
Honey Jar Cork: 0.53 x 0.94 in.
Belly Fur/PomPom: 1.42 x 1.68 in.
Megaphone: 0.92 x 1.32 in.
I: 0.47 x 0.28 in
U: 0.44 x 0.53 in.
Large Heart: 0.85 x 0.86 in.
Medium Heart: 0.63 x 0.73 in.
Small Heart: 0.45 x 0.56 in.
Scarf: 1.11 x 1.21 in.
Bow: 0.87 x 1.04 in.
Inside Ear Layer (2 pcs): 0.46 x 0.40 in.
Cheek Layer (2 pcs): 0.24 x 0.23 in.
Nose Layer: 0.35 x 0.24 in.

UPC: 813233035912