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Simple Stories Color Vibe Winter 6 x 8 Paper Pad 13499


The Simple Stories Color Vibe Winter 6 x 8 Paper Pad is a versatile and vibrant collection designed to add a touch of seasonal charm to any crafting project. With its delightful assortment of colors, this paper pad is an ideal choice for winter-themed creations.

The pad features 24 double-sided sheets, each measuring 6 x 8 inches, providing ample space for various creative endeavors. Within this collection, crafters will find four sheets in each of the six carefully selected colors. The palette includes rich shades of red, ranging from bold and vibrant to deep and festive. Complementing the red hues are a range of greens, evoking the lushness of evergreen trees and holiday wreaths. To add a touch of sophistication, the collection also offers dark grey sheets, exuding an air of elegance and versatility. Lastly, the inclusion of tan sheets adds warmth and a natural element to the mix.

Crafters will appreciate the high-quality materials used in the construction of this paper pad. The sheets are sturdy and durable, ensuring that creations will withstand various crafting techniques and applications. The double-sided design provides flexibility, allowing crafters to choose the perfect backdrop for their projects. Whether creating handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, or other paper crafts, this Color Vibe Winter paper pad is sure to inspire creativity and bring winter-themed visions to life.

UPC: 810112383553