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Spectrum Noir DAZZLING BRIGHTS Outline Markers sn-outm-bri6


Pack of 6 Spectrum Noir Outline Markers
With each stroke, a silver shade is outlined with a clear and bright shade
Bullet tips to create an outline effect - no need for fine liners! 
Includes 6 vivid outline shades
Bring some real-life magic to your creative projects! 
Bring some real-life magic to your lettering with the Spectrum Noir Outline Markers! 

These innovative pens create metallic effects, with a big difference. Each pen holds two colours, an intense and opaque silver with a vividly coloured outline. 

So with each stroke, the shimmering sweep of silver is outlined with a clear and bright shade - no need for fine-liners!

The Spectrum Noir Outline Markers have been specially designed with bullet tips that dispense two colours with every stroke, creating a clever outline effect. 

Ideal for use with heavyweight paper and card, including black card these magical metallic markers are so much fun to use! And they’re perfect for lettering, embellishing, doodling and so much more! 

Included in the Spectrum Noir Outline Marker set: 

Cool Graphite
Citrus Green
Amethyst Purple
Azure Blue
Zesty Yellow 
Neon Pink 

UPC: 195094028587