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Stamperia Christmas Greetings 8x8 Paper sbbs86


The Stamperia Christmas Greetings 8x8 Paper Pad is a collection of high-quality cardstock paper designed specifically for your holiday crafting needs. The pad contains ten double-sided sheets, each measuring 8x8 inches. With a weight of approximately gr190, this cardstock provides a sturdy and durable foundation for your projects. Each sheet features a unique design on both sides, offering a variety of options to choose from. The designs included in the paper pad cover a wide range of Christmas-themed elements. These designs may consist of angels, stars, poetry, reindeer flourishes, patchwork patterns, trees, flowers, presents, square cards with ornaments, wallpaper prints, window scenes, tags, damask prints, circles with imagery, and a sheet of labels with various holiday sayings. This diverse selection allows you to explore different styles and themes in your crafting.

UPC: 5993110028932