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Stamperia Christmas Poinsettia and Garlands A5 Soft Mold k3pta5654


The Stamperia Christmas Poinsettia and Garlands A5 Soft Mold is a versatile tool designed to be used with various materials such as paste, glossy gel, soft clay, and more. This mold allows you to easily create detailed and delightful impressions by filling it with your chosen medium and waiting for it to dry. The resulting shape can be easily removed from the mold. When using Stamperia Sculpture Paste, the end result will be flexible, allowing you to cut, tear, or manipulate the impression as desired. This flexibility gives you more creative freedom to customize your projects. The mold measures approximately 6 x 8.25 inches and includes 9 beautiful designs. Among the designs are two sets of bells, one with the word "Joy" and the other with the word "Love." Additionally, there are three sets of poinsettias with bells, each set featuring different words such as "Xmas," "Jingle," and "Happy." Two small blooms are included, one saying "Thanks" and the other saying "For You." There is also a poinsettia and bell garland that says "Peace Love Joy," as well as a large wreath with flowers and berries, with the sentiment "The Greatest Gift is You." This soft mold is perfect for creating intricate and detailed poinsettia and garland embellishments for your paper and mixed media projects.

UPC: 5993110029236