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Stamperia Coffee And Chocolate Cappuccino Stencil kstd151


Stamperia Coffee And Chocolate Cappuccino Stencil, designed by Cristina Radovan, offers an elegant and harmonious design, merging elements from everyday life and cherished moments. This versatile stencil serves as a creative tool for decorating various surfaces, including furniture, fabric, paper, canvas, and scrapbooking projects. It's an ideal choice for mixed media applications. Crafted from a special material that combines flexibility with durability, this stencil is thin enough to capture even the smallest details in its design. Measuring approximately 8 x 10 inches, it features a captivating background pattern showcasing coffee cups adorned with foam designs, coffee beans, and descriptive words like "cappuccino," "latte," "macchiato," "irish," "corretto," "doppio," "mocha," "ristretto," "lungo," "arabicas," and more.

UPC: 5993110031437