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Stamperia Coffee And Chocolate Washi Pad Sheets A5 sbw01


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Stamperia Coffee And Chocolate Washi Pad Sheets A5, designed by Cristina Radovan, offer an elegant and harmonious design, merging elements from everyday life and cherished moments. This exquisite set comprises 8 washi sheets, each in A5 size (approximately 5.8 x 8.3 inches), brimming with captivating imagery. The sheets are translucent washi paper, which is easy to cut with the ceramic cutter pen krt17. Works best on light surfaces. Among the delightful designs featured in this collection, you'll find scenes adorned with tempting candy bars, graceful cacao trees, inviting coffee cups, vintage coffee grinders, charming coffee pots, retro coffee cans, aged vintage paper with intriguing rings and rips, decorative borders, endearing teddy bears, evocative vintage women, ornate clocks, scrumptious cupcakes, and so much more.

UPC: 5993110031390