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Stamperia Songs of the Sea Selection 6 Allegro Acrylic paint Kit kalkit41


Stamperia Songs of the Sea Selection 6 Allegro was designed by Antonis Tzanidakis and Farel Tailor. This collection shows the perspective of both the Mermaid in the deep sea and the sailor in relentless pursuit of this enchanting creature. A touch of Steampunk adds a magical twist to the overall concept. This kit comprises 6 bottles of water-based acrylic paint, each containing approximately 60ml of rich pigment. The colors have a matte finish and are versatile for application on any surface. The colors include Chocolate, Bronze, Turtle Dove, Ivory, Blue, and Indian Turquoise. These acrylic paints dry swiftly and, once dry, become waterproof, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your artistic creations.

UPC: 5993110030461