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Stamperia Sunflower Art Elements And Poppies Ephemera dflct19


Designed by the talented Sara Alcobendas, this collection offers a unique perspective on flowers, showcasing the beauty and significance of the sunflower as the epitome of nature's splendor and abundance. Sara's artistic vision celebrates the joy that arises from observing the landscapes and cherishing the simplicity of life's treasures. These exquisite adhesive paper cutouts, weighing 300g and packaged in a convenient 5x7 size, are ideal for adding a touch of charm to your scrapbooking, journaling, and card making endeavors. Let your creativity flourish as you explore the diverse designs, including whimsical luggage, a captivating girl engrossed in painting flowers, a nostalgic country store window, a palette of paints and paintbrushes, enchanting keys, loyal dogs, delicate blooms, ornate frames, and vintage pickup trucks, among others.

UPC: 5993110027874