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Stamperia Sunflower Art Fabric Sheets sbplt13


Designed by the talented Sara Alcobendas, this collection invites you to explore the beauty of flowers through the eyes of an artist capturing the essence of nature 'en plein air'. With its captivating beauty and abundant seeds, the sunflower takes center stage in Sara's artistic expression. Through her work, she celebrates the joy that arises from observing landscapes and finding contentment in life's simple pleasures. Each package includes four fabric sheets, each measuring approximately 12x12 inches. These fabric sheets are versatile and can be used in various crafting and sewing applications. Whether you choose to sew them by hand or with a sewing machine, or even use craft glue to adhere them to different surfaces, these fabric sheets provide endless possibilities for your artistic endeavors. The fabric sheets feature a variety of designs. You will find a colorful patchwork quilt design that adds vibrancy and visual interest to your projects. Additionally, there are two floral backgrounds, one in yellow and the other in blue, which beautifully capture the essence of sunflowers and their surrounding landscapes. Lastly, the inclusion of wooden slats adds a rustic and charming touch to your creations. The fabric can be hand-washed in cold water, allowing you to preserve the beauty of your finished projects for years to come.

UPC: 5993110027911