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StencilGirl CIRCLES OVERLAPPING 9x12 Stencil l776

The Circles Overlapping stencil by Carolyn Dube was inspired by the idea that everything is connected. As the name implies, the stencil (actually a mask) is made up of lots of overlapping circles in various sizes. This design is great for making doodles inside the lines, for printing on a gelatin plate, painting then cutting out patterned parts for strategic placement in your art journal, and also fabulous for layering with pastels. This thicker mylar stencil (10mm instead of the usual 7mm) also makes this design ideal for use with texture mediums like molding paste or for encaustic painting.
Of course, you can use each stencil as a single, but Carolyn's Overlapping Circles, Squares and Hearts Stencils (L776-L781) are perfectly matched within their suits with filled pairs. To do so, use the overlapping to create your base and then line up overlapping filled to paint or print again.
UPC: 810002692598