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StencilGirl DOURO VALLEY TILE Stencil s932*

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  • $6.99

    Laurie Mika designed the Azulejo Museum Tile stencil as part of her Blue Tiles of Portugal collection. 
    Laurie says: 'Anyone who has ever visited Portugal can immediately identify with the beautiful blue tiles that adorn both the facades and the interiors of buildings throughout this amazing country. I recently traveled to Portugal and these stencils are inspired by that trip and are named for the many cities and places I visited. Being a mixed media mosaic artist, tiles have always been an important part of my creative journey so it is not surprising that I was drawn to all of the incredible tile motifs.'

    'A trip north to Porto and the lush Douro Valley nearby is a must when visiting Portugal. The Douro Valley is known for its vineyards and the grapes that are produced for Port wine. We spent the day meandering through this valley and this tile was inspired by one of the tiles I saw at a vineyard that we visited, hence the floral/vine looking pattern.'

    There are so many possibilities and ways to use these tile stencils, from background collage imagery to creating paper quilts to embossing designs on polymer clay. Each tile was hand drawn so there are tiny differences in the patterning that make them look like unique individual tiles.

    Approximate stencil size: 6 x 6 inches

    UPC: 810002696558