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StencilGirl Reflecting Rainbow Stencil s942


There's a secret to Carolyn Dube's Reflecting Rainbow stencil. Each half of the stencil is a mask for the other half. All you need to do it just flip the stencil. 

A perfect and proper rainbow has all colors, but so many times when Carolyn stumbles upon rainbows every color isn’t visible. Sure, there’s a scientific reason having to do with how the light is reflecting off the water droplets and how the rods and cones in our eyes work, but the creative part of her prefers to see the magic and symbolism in perfectly imperfect rainbows.

A rainbow can mean many things from strength to hope to promise to peace to luck to new beginnings to eternal life to equality. Whatever a rainbow means to you, you can add these into your art journals, collages, handmade cards or any other creative play!

Approximate stencil size: 6 x 6 inches

UPC: 810002696947