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StencilGirl ROOTED IN NATURE BERRIES Stencil l906


Dave Daniels created his nature-inspired stencils, 'Dusty Miller' and 'Berries,' from live plant specimens found in his backyard.
Daniels says: 'My formal training in Botany and Biology is always evident in the stencils I create. Each plant was scanned on a flatbed scanner to give me the visual essence of the plant. The images were then put into photo editing software, where I transformed them into finished mask design designs.'
'I seldom use my masks as 'stand alone' images. The masks are an integral part of a much larger painting. As a watercolor instructor, I am frequently asked by students 'what do I put into the background? These masks are an effective way to add interest without over powering the center of interest.'

Approximate stencil size: 9 x 12 inches 

UPC: 810002696121