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StencilGirl Rows of Reflecting Rainbows Stencil s943


Carolyn Dube's Rows of Reflecting Rainbows stencil honors Mother Nature’s grand display in the sky. Use the entire stencil at once, use just one row of rainbows, or a single rainbow.

The scalloped pattern is created by repeating a row of the design. Do a little on top to create a border, create a wide swath across the middle, or fill the entire page, no matter the size.

When adding a rainbow to anything you create, you’re adding a bit of symbolism. A rainbow can mean many things such as strength, hope, promise, peace, luck, new beginnings, eternal life, or equality. Is this everything? Nope, rainbows can represent whatever you want them to; after all, when you’re creating, you make the rules!

Approximate stencil size: 6 x 6 inches

UPC: 810002696954