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Studio Light All Vintage Hallows Essentials Mixed Paper Pad sl-es-mpp25


The enchanting Studio Light All Vintage Hallows Essentials Mixed Paper Pad measures approximately 8.27x5.83 inches. This collection boasts 42 sheets, featuring 3 of each of 8 captivating patterns, 3 of each of 5 element sheets, and 3 of 1 vellum sheet. Crafted from 170gsm heavyweight cardstock, this pad guarantees both sturdiness and acid-free preservation. Tailored perfectly for Halloween projects, the designs within are bound to leave a haunting impression. Among the paper patterns are black grunge, distressed vintage ads for Beetlejuice, brooms, nightshades and more, black and white square tiles, rust and black harlequins, black and grey harlequins, spiders and spiderwebs, vintage ads for tailors, watchmakers, carpet, and more, as well as black cracks. Embellishments include a sheet of cards depicting a dark, misty forest, a distressed notebook with torn paper, a notepaper fragment adorned with the number 31 and a water splotch, and damask wallpaper embellished with a black ornate frame. The ephemera assortment presents an array of captivating visuals: vintage stadium seats, a man holding a jack-o-lantern, poison bottles, an umbrella, moths, spiders, cauldrons, a witch's hat, crows, flowers, a movie projector, ghosts, bat wings, bats, a table, labels, butterflies, ledgers, tools, tags, flags, and more. The vellum sheet features words such as Hello, Spooky scary skeletons, Movies, Vintage, Curious things, Happy, Ghouls, Haunting, October, Halloween, Happy, Wanna watch scary movies with me, and special delivery. The vellum sheet also includes a flea market ad highlighting a dog, a cat, and performing fleas, along with signs for Witches Brew, Bat Blood, and Trimmed Spider Hair.

UPC: 8713943145074