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Studio Light Card Shape Dome Dies sl-es-cd536


The Studio Light Card Shape Dome Dies are a fantastic set of wafer-thin dies that allow you to create unique and eye-catching card shapes. This set includes 6 dies, conveniently arranged on a 5.83 x 8.27-inch sheet. With these dies, you can easily cut out card shapes with a rounded top, giving your projects a distinct and elegant look. The dies are versatile and can be used with various materials such as paper, vellum, and more. Whether you're creating handmade cards, invitations, or other paper crafts, these dies will add a special touch to your designs. One of the dies in the set features a scallop border, which you can use inside the card shape to add visual interest and texture. This scalloped border adds a charming detail that enhances the overall appeal of your creations. These dies are compatible with most die-cutting machines, ensuring easy integration into your existing crafting setup. Simply align the dies with your chosen material, pass them through your die-cutting machine, and watch as they effortlessly cut out precise and intricate shapes.

UPC: 8713943142233