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Studio Light Sea Accessories Dies ccl-es-cd546


The Studio Light Sea Accessories Dies from the Creative Craftlab Collection, designed by Jolanda Bergmans, are perfect for adding delightful sea-themed elements to your crafting projects. This set includes 15 wafer-thin dies, conveniently arranged on a 3.31 x 5-inch sheet. These dies allow you to create a charming cast of characters for Henri to play with in the water. The set includes a variety of sea creatures and accessories, such as a whale with the option to add sprays, a crab, a starfish, an anchor, a seashell, coral, waves, and an octopus. To add even more personality and fun to these creatures, you can use different-sized eyes to bring them to life. With these dies, you can easily cut out precise and detailed shapes, allowing you to create playful scenes and embellishments for your projects. Whether you're working on scrapbooking layouts, card-making, or any other paper crafts, these sea-themed dies will add a touch of whimsy and bring your underwater scenes to life. Imagine creating adorable ocean-themed cards, summer scrapbook pages, or even decorative elements for a beach-themed party. The possibilities are endless with these versatile dies. Let your creativity soar as you mix and match the different sea accessories, combine them with other elements, and experiment with colors and textures.

UPC: 8713943142622