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T-044 Spellbinders Susan's Garden Flower Mold Tray


The Susan's Garden Flower Mold Tray is a useful tool for crafting paper flowers. It is designed by Susan Tierney-Cockburn as part of her Victorian Garden Collection. The mold tray is specifically used for helping the buds and stamens of paper flowers dry and maintain their shapes. The tray comes in various sizes to fit different types of flowers.

To create paper flowers using this mold tray, it is recommended to use it with the T-021 Susan’s Garden Ultimate Tool Kit. With this kit, you can make your paper flowers more realistic and lifelike.

The approximate size of the mold tray is 0.94 x 4.38 x 6.50 in. This size is convenient for storage and easy to use for crafting.

UPC: 811305039097