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t-047 Spellbinders Pocket of Posies Needle Minder


The Spellbinders Pocket of Posies Needle Minder is an ideal accessory for enthusiasts of stitching and embroidery. This cheerful pocket, adorned with a delightful bouquet of flowers, comes equipped with an enclosed magnet that serves as a handy tool to keep your needles and thread close at hand while you work. Say goodbye to lost needles the magnet will securely catch them and keep them nearby for easy access during your stitching projects.

Measuring approximately 1.44 inches in width, 1.75 inches in height, and 0.13 inches in thickness, this Needle Minder is both compact and practical. It also makes for a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer for fellow stitching enthusiasts, adding a touch of convenience and charm to their crafting endeavors.

UPC: 813233036087