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This Calls For Confetti Fall Foliage Clay Polymer Confetti Mix


The This Calls For Confetti Fall Foliage Polymer Clay Confetti Mix is a delightful collection of autumn-inspired embellishments that will add a touch of seasonal beauty to your card making projects. This mix is designed to capture the essence of fall with its beautifully crafted leaves in a stunning orange and white ombre color palette, enhanced by delicate black detailing.

Each pack of the Fall Foliage Polymer Clay Confetti Mix contains half a tablespoon of these exquisitely designed polymer clay leaves. These leaves are carefully crafted to emulate the intricate and unique shapes found in real fall foliage. The ombre color scheme adds depth and visual interest, creating a captivating visual effect that mirrors the changing colors of leaves in autumn.

These polymer clay leaves are perfect for creating shaker cards, a popular card making technique that involves adding confetti or small elements that move and shake within a window on the card. When combined with your favorite sequins or other shaker elements, the Fall Foliage confetti mix adds a dynamic and interactive element to your cards, making them stand out and delighting the recipient.

The rich orange and white ombre coloration, along with the delicate black detailing, allows you to achieve a level of intricacy and realism that truly captures the beauty of fall foliage. Whether you're crafting cards for Thanksgiving, expressing gratitude, or simply embracing the beauty of the autumn season, these Fall Foliage polymer clay embellishments provide a charming and versatile addition to your projects.

As you create with the Fall Foliage Polymer Clay Confetti Mix, you'll be able to infuse your cards with a touch of nature's splendor. The intricate detailing and thoughtful design of each leaf ensure that your cards will have a unique and handmade quality that is sure to be appreciated by recipients.

Embrace the warmth and beauty of autumn by incorporating the This Calls For Confetti Fall Foliage Polymer Clay Confetti Mix into your card making projects. Whether you're sending greetings, celebrating fall events, or simply expressing your love for the season, these embellishments will add a touch of elegance and charm that captures the magic of fall.

UPC: 8693729920961