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This Calls For Confetti Figgy Pudding Polymer Clay Confetti


Introducing This Calls For Confetti Figgy Pudding Polymer Clay Confetti, a delightful collection designed to help you create the sweetest Christmas cards. These Figgy Pudding Polymer Clay shapes are perfect for shaker cards, adding a festive and charming touch to your holiday creations. Each pack contains a generous half tablespoon of the polymer clay confetti, providing you with an ample supply for your crafting projects.

Craft the most delightful Christmas cards with the enchanting Figgy Pudding Polymer Clay shapes. Embrace the holiday spirit as you sprinkle these adorable confetti pieces into your shaker cards, creating a magical scene that captures the joy of the season. Let your creativity shine as you design truly special and festive cards that bring smiles to your loved ones' faces.

Shop now and get crafting with this festive embellishment, infusing your cards with the warmth and sweetness of Figgy Pudding Polymer Clay Confetti. Watch as your holiday creations come to life with the charm and magic of these delightful shapes, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who receives your heartfelt cards. Make this Christmas extra special with the delightful addition of Figgy Pudding Polymer Clay Confetti, and create cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

UPC: 1437811708861