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This Calls For Confetti Pink Coral Sequin Confetti

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  • This Calls For Confetti
  • $3.39

    Elevate the sparkle and glamour of your shaker cards with This Calls For Confetti Pink Coral Sequin Confetti! In each pack, you'll discover a bountiful half-a-tablespoon of stunning sequins, spanning sizes from 4mm, 5mm, to 6mm. These exquisite sequins are characterized by their crimped edge disc design and lack of holes, making them an ideal choice for filling shaker cards or introducing some bling to the fronts of your handmade cards. With their captivating crystal opaque finish, you have the creative freedom to mix and match, forging your own distinctive combinations. Don't let this essential addition to your shaker card supplies pass you by!

    UPC: 1059054536961