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Tonic Nuvo Mica Mist Replacement Spray Nozzles 1505n


The Tonic Nuvo Mica Mist Replacement Spray Nozzles are specially designed to fit Nuvo Mica Mist bottles. If your existing nozzle becomes clogged or damaged, this package of replacement spray nozzles is an easy solution to get your Nuvo Mica Mist bottle spraying like new again. 
Each package includes two ultra-fine replacement spray nozzles, ensuring that you have a spare on hand for future use. These replacement nozzles provide a fine, even mist that allows you to apply Nuvo Mica Mist to your projects with precision and control. Upgrade your Nuvo Mica Mist experience with these high-quality replacement spray nozzles.

UPC: 841686115059