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Tonic Thunderstorm Nuvo Chalk Mousse 1431n


Introducing the Tonic Thunderstorm Nuvo Chalk Mousse - the perfect addition to any mixed media artist's toolkit. This unique chalk mousse is designed to add a beautiful, textured effect to your projects, giving them a professional, high-quality look.

Whether you're working with stencils or free-hand, the Nuvo Chalk Mousse is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Simply apply it to your surface of choice and watch as it transforms your work into a stunning piece of art.

This water-based product is available in a fresh, contemporary color palette that's sure to inspire your creativity. And if you prefer a softer consistency, you can easily add distilled water to the mousse to achieve your desired texture.

Each jar contains 62.5g (2.2 oz) of this superb chalk mousse, making it an excellent value for any artist looking to add a new dimension to their work. So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Tonic Thunderstorm Nuvo Chalk Mousse is an essential tool for any mixed media artist.

UPC: 841686114311