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Vivant Double Face Satin Old Rose Ribbon 27.34 yards 3301.2516.16

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Behold the Vivant Double Face Satin Old Rose Ribbon, a symbol of luxury and romance to elevate your craft projects. This opulent old rose-colored ribbon, embellished with a double-faced satin finish, infuses your creations with a captivating touch of elegance and grace. The delicate hue of old rose exudes a sense of romance and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for adding a touch of allure to your crafts.

With a generous length of approximately 27.34 yards and a width of .625 inches, this ribbon offers an abundance of material, ensuring you have ample resources for various creative endeavors. Crafted from 100 percent Polyester, it guarantees both durability and quality, assuring that your craft projects remain pristine and enchanting over time.

Let the Vivant Double Face Satin Old Rose Ribbon grace your crafts, transforming them into magnificent expressions of romance and artistic finesse, and creating timeless pieces that capture hearts and minds.

UPC: 8713438558181