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Vivant Texture Bordeaux Narrow Ribbon 21.87 yards 2015.2003.25

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The Vivant Texture Bordeaux Narrow Ribbon is a treasure trove of rich and opulent craftsmanship, poised to elevate any project to new heights of elegance. This splendid spool of ribbon encompasses 21.87 yards of .125 inches wide material, boasting a deep and sultry Bordeaux color that exudes sophistication and allure. The ribbon's subtle texture adds depth and intrigue, further enhancing the allure of your creations.

Crafted from 100 percent Polyester, this ribbon ensures both durability and top-notch quality, promising that your craft projects will maintain their impeccable beauty over time.

Embrace the opulence of Vivant Texture Bordeaux Narrow Ribbon, and let its richness and allure infuse your crafts with a touch of luxury, creating masterpieces that leave a lasting impression. Revel in the depth and interest that this exquisite ribbon brings to your artistic pursuits, making every project a true work of art.

UPC: 8713438533034