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Waffle Flower Doodle Print Stencil 421295


The Waffle Flower Doodle Print Stencil is a wonderful stencil version of the fun hand-drawn pattern, ideal for creating Summer Time cards with a playful and artistic touch. This stencil can be used to add the hand-drawn pattern to your projects using ink blending, ink spraying, or other coloring techniques.

Stencil Size:

  • 5.25 x 6.5 inches

Pattern Size:

  • 4.375 x 5.625 inches

The Doodle Print Stencil can also be used as a "shadow" layer for the hot foil plate version, adding depth and dimension to the pattern when combined with the hot foiled version. By using both the stencil and the hot foil plate, you can create stunning and multi-dimensional backgrounds for your cards and other crafting projects.

With this stencil, you have endless creative possibilities to make your projects stand out with a fun and hand-drawn aesthetic. The pattern's playful and artistic nature makes it a great addition to your Summer-themed creations and beyond.

UPC: 780348649009