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Waffle Flower Nesting Dotted Diamonds Dies 421348

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  • Waffle Flower
  • $19.99

    The Waffle Flower Nesting Dotted Diamond Dies are a set of dies that feature a dotted design inspired by their line of stitching dies. This set is designed to work with their nesting basics dies, allowing you to mix and match rectangles, squares, circles, and diamonds to add visual interest to your cards. You can even try connecting the dots with threads when you feel like stitching.

    The set includes 10 dies with the following approximate sizes:

    • 3.6875 inches in width x 4.75 inches in height
    • 3.375 inches in width x 4.3125 inches in height
    • 3 inches in width x 3.9375 inches in height
    • 2.75 inches in width x 3.5 inches in height
    • 2.4375 inches in width x 3.125 inches in height
    • 2.0625 inches in width x 2.6875 inches in height
    • 1.75 inches in width x 2.25 inches in height
    • 1.4375 inches in width x 1.875 inches in height
    • 1.125 inches in width x 1.5 inches in height
    • 0.8125 inches in width x 1.0625 inches in height

    These versatile dies are perfect for adding unique and intricate details to your crafting projects. With a variety of sizes, you can mix and match them to create a wide range of designs.

    UPC: 780348649481