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  • Waffle Flower
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    This sampler pack contains 1 each of the four new Waffle Flower shader brushes. Made from the same high quality, ultra soft bristols as Waffle Flower's Blending Brushes, these shader brushes come in both round and flat brush tips that are slightly slanted for comfort and precision. These brushes allow you to achieve beautiful results using a variety of techniques from laying down multiple layers of color to defining edges to shading. For best results, apply in a drag-n-lift or flicking motion.

    What’s Included

        1 x Shader 0 style brush with a 0.25 inch round tip
        1 x Shader 1 style brush with a 0.5 inch round tip
        1 x Shader 2 style brush with a 0.5 inch flat tip.
        1 x Shader 3 style brush with a 0.75 inch flat tip

    Other Details

        Four brushes per set
        Vegan synthetic bristles
        Gold ferrule
        Pearl White lacquer handle

    UPC: 780348644844