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WOW Embossing Powder Trios SILK ROAD WOWKT075


A beautiful themed collection of 3 Colour Blend Embossing Powders.

This set consists of the following colors: Chinese Lantern, Pomegranate and Silk Brocade.

Inspired by Gwen Lafleur and her travels around the world, the colors in the Silk Road Trio echo her train voyage along that storied route, starting in China. Brightly colored paper lanterns festoon streets and doorways everywhere you look. The Chinese Lantern embossing powder reflects the reds and oranges most commonly seen and the semi-transparent finish is a nod to the translucency of a lighted lantern.

Continuing on the journey, we come to the Stans, a string of beautiful and exotic countries that comprise the bulk of the length of the Silk Road. In Tajikstan,  pomegranate season brings baskets of this delicious fruit piled high in stalls all throughout the local markets. The ripe skin of the fruit is captured beautifully in the Pomegranate embossing powder; deep reds are flecked with honey and gold and it comes out beautifully opaque in your work.

Finally, this Trio wouldn't be complete without its namesake, Silk Brocade. This glossy, semi-transparent powder shimmers with a metallic undertone and the mulberry color reflects the blossoms of the tree that's home to the precious silkworm that was, and still is, at the heart of the silk trade.

The powders are anti-static, non-toxic and come in a 0.5 ounce jar.

UPC: 5056333103876