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Xyron MINI HOT GLUE PEN Permanent Adhesive 627143

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Your crafting projects will be on point! Ideal for intricate details, you can trigger a smooth, even flow of glue using just one finger. The precision tip applies glue exactly where you need it. This glue gun pen is as eager to get started as you are! It heats up in under a minute. Protective silicone coating on the nozzle ensures your safety while using it. The support stand elevates the glue gun pen, preventing glue back-ups. The winged stand also keeps the pen from rolling, so you can set it down between steps with confidence. Safely use the Xyron Hot Glue Pen without the need to spring load glue sticks, like some competitor products. Simply load the glue stick (sold separately) and start your project. Precision at its finest! With features for better control, our hot glue gun pen is ideal for intricate projects.

Glue gun is approximately 8 x 1 x 2 inches. Adhesive is permanent. Refillable, Electrical requirements 120 VAC to 54 4A VDC.

UPC: 608931271430