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Zig Kuretake TWIN BLACK MARKER Hand Lettering Assortment Set mstc4vbk

Artists, letterers and calligraphers of all skill levels can enjoy this unique, 4-piece pen set from Kuretake ZIG. Although the set includes 4 pens, each pen is a dual-tip pen and thus there are 7 different nib style variations at your disposal. These nibs include the Scroll nib, a flexible brush nib, a 2mm and 3.5 mm square tip, a .5mm and 1.2mm bullet nib and the one-of-a-kind flexible, rounded Dot nib. Branch out and create unique styles of lettering or title design by combining various nibs. Due to the pigment ink, this set is great for crafters, scrapbooking enthusiasts and card makers, as ink is lightfast, archaic and water-resistant. Package contains four ZIG Dual-Tip Markers, black ink with assorted tips.
UPC: 847340040040