Hero Arts

Hero Arts Fancy Dies MUSHROOM AND FERNS DI931


A lovely set of Fancy Dies featuring three ferns and four different mushrooms. Designed to work together or as stand-alone elements in your next paper crafting project, use the ferns and mushrooms to create delicate scenes for your favorite forest creatures, build scrapbook pages, or create party decorations.

Large fern die measures approximately 1.8 x 3.5 inches, small mushroom 0.5 x 1.1 inch.

Hero Arts Fancy Dies are stand-alone designs that produce beautifully detailed cut-outs on paper. Reminiscent of a Hero Arts stamp design, Fancy Dies compliment stamps instead of matching them to broaden your stamping and technique options. They are made with intricate cutting surfaces from sturdy metal, are compatible with most die-cutting machines, and work well with the complete Hero Arts line of stamps and papers.

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Hero Arts is a design company, a family-run manufacturer, and a certified green business. Hero Arts runs a solar-powered and modern energy efficient facility making and distributing premium and original craft and stamping products. You always know that you have an authentic Hero Arts stamp from the Hero Arts logo to the top-quality craftsmanship.