Judikins MICROGLAZE All Purpose Paper Protector GT026

GT026 /1.2

MicroGlaze is a specialty product for calligraphers and artists and craftsmen. Developed as an all-purpose paper protector. Why does it work so well? The thin and easy-to-apply coating of wax protects projects from water, air and oxidation. MicroGlaze can be used on paper, wood, metal and many other materials. Environmentally friendly, MicroGlaze is the perfect choice for protecting most paper surfaces. Just rub a tiny dab on any paper surface, and spread very thinly over the area to be protected. The area is now smudge and water resistant. No raindrop stains or smears from routine handling. MicroGlaze is unobtrusive and hard to detect on paper surfaces. Always test first on a small area. Can be buffed to a gloss. This glaze protects inks; dyes; paints; acrylics; watercolors; and ink jet printing MicroGlaze is non-toxic and acid-free, but ordinary art materials precautions apply - do not ingest. Not recommended for children 1 fl. ounce jar.

    •    fountain pen written text
    •    calligraphed or rubber stamped envelopes, cards and mail art
    •    to protect inkjet printed cards, signs and mail art
    •    brushed as a resist for watercolor or stamped texture
    •    for batik effects on paper
    •    to preserve the surface of marbled or decorative paper
    •    to prevent painted altered book pages from sticking
    •    protect Ink Jet or Bubble Jet printer output
    •    on signs and labels
    •    to silence or stop squeaky file drawers

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