Tsukineko Stazon CLEANER ALL PURPOSE Ink Remover SC-000-003

Stazon Cleaner is the best way to remove permanent ink from your rubber stamps.  It also removes versamark and pigment ink.  Stazon is specially formulated to both clean and condition your stamps. The ink from embossing pads is not good for your stamps. If it is not cleaned off, it causes your stamps to harden and crack. 

This is a MUST HAVE Tool for your crafting. Contains 2 fluid ounces.
Tsukineko Stazon CLEANER ALL PURPOSE Ink Remover SC-000-003 Preview Image Shadow

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Since being founded in 1952, Tsukineko has always strived to be the leading manufacturer of high-quality inks and ink pads. In 1982, Tsukineko introduced the very first water-based pigment ink pad which was met with widespread enthusiasm by the crafting industry. This pigment ink pad led to the development of the at-the-time revolutionary multi-color stamp which then led to the creation of a myriad of other inks! Tsukineko's mission is to create inks that excel in quality-in performance, colors, and packaging. Tsukineko is constantly chasing the next trend and responding to what you, their users, ask for!