Stick It

Stick It Adhesive LARGE SHEETS 5 Pack SK310

Stick It is a brand new adhesive product that makes the whole process of applying adhesive to intricate die-cut shapes so quick and easy.  It is incredibly thin - not much thicker than a piece of paper- yet it encompasses a high tech adhesive that is both strong enough to endure the incredible pressure that die cutting machines impart, but pliable enough to match the contours of your intricate die cut shapes without squeezing out the edges or leaving a sticky residue on your dies and equipmant.  Stick It has been specially formulated for intricate die-cutting and electronic cutting machine applications and will remain repositionable for a period, becoming permanent over time. 
It's paper thin and easy to use. When applied to your cardstock or paper ahead of die-cutting, Stick It coats a uniform layer of adhesive to your intricate die cut shapes more easily that ever before. Stick It was developed in partnership with the incredibly talented US based craft designer and personality, Ken Oliver.
Instructions for use: Simply cut a piece of Stick It to the desired size, there are handy easy-peel sections along the length of the backing paper to make exposing the adhesive layer easy. Apply Stick It to the reverse side of the material you wish to die-cut taking care to avoid creases or air bubbles. Die-cut your shape in the usual way. Once you have removed your die-cut shape from the die, simply remove the protective layer from the back and Stick It!
- Pack of five 206mm x 310mm (8 x 12¼ inch) sheets
- Acid free, water based adhesive

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Fabulously talented US based designer, artist and crafting celebrity Ken Oliver, has developed and manufactured a product that fills what he thought was a big gap in the market. With die-cutting playing a much bigger part in crafting with all of the various manufacturers introducing new designs that are ever more intricate - crafters struggled to apply just the right amount of adhesive to the reverse of all of these intricate shapes in order to be able to incorporate them into projects - well not any more! Stick It is the solution!