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Tim Holtz Idea-ology LOCKET KEYS Metal Hardware Keyhole TH92822

TH92822 /2.6
Locket Keys:  Pocket-size keys and keyholes to adorn a keepsake or memento.
Keep your creative secrets locked away with these ornate and truly unique Locket Keys.  The combination of detailed keyholes with included mini fasteners to secure them and the tiny decorative keys make this set a must have.  Use it on just about any project for a treasured finishing touch...
You will receive 4 keyholes. 4 locket keys, and 8 mini fasteners in each package.  The smallest keyhole measures approximately 0.75 inch tall and the largest measuring 1.25 inches tall.  The smallest locket key measures approximately 1.2 inches while the largest locket key measures approximately 1.3 inches.  There are 3antique finishes - 4 nickel, 2 brass, and 2 copper.
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As a crafter in the industry since 2000, Tim Holtz enjoys the creative process of making things as well as playing an integral part in the development and design of cutting edge products. Tim designs unique papercraft embellishments, papers and tools with a vintage appeal in his Idea-ology line.