Tonic PAINT BRUSHES Nuvo 972n


Perfect for beginners or experts, this brush set gives you the creative freedom to paint anytime, anywhere.  The wide range of sizes can be used with both acrylic or watercolor, from extensive canvas pieces to postcard-sized creations.  These high quality brushes feature strong wooden handles and soft bristles, making them perfect for painting washes or fine details.  Combine with your favorite mediums to ensure a brilliant finish and lasting durability to all your pieces.
Available in a set of 12 nylon paint brushes.

The brush sizes are as follows from left to right: number 2, number 4, number 6, number 8, 0.375 inch flat brush, 0.75 inch flat brush, 0.5 inch flat brush, number 9, number 7, number 5, number 3, number 1.

Pack measures approximately 6 x 10.75 inches.

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From the outset, Tonic's focus has always been on high-quality products combined with innovation at affordable prices. With an in-house team of product engineers, graphic designers and illustrators, Tonic Studios has consistently grown and innovated product ranges into craft tool markets around the world.

Tonic Studios recognizes that for the customer, one of the most important aspects of paper crafting is to have a product that provides a clean cut and beautiful finish. This means it is the most important feature for Tonic when designing products, from scissors and guillotines to paper punches and dies every product will have a crisp clean cut.

In the years since Tonic Studios has been established, the product design team has developed many products to provide additional end user utility. These include steel handles in scissors for extra strength and comfort and reworking of the blade technology on guillotines enabling the crafter to achieve a detailed hairline cut. Tonic's ever expanding range of dies, has helped bring us to the forefront of paper crafting with some of the most detailed versatile dies available on the market.

Tonic has consistently expanded their knowledge of crafting products over the years to create the new brand Nuvo. These products in the brand consist of consumables to let the crafter add the finish, colour, and sparkle to any craft project. Nuvo has now grown from a range of glitters to crystal drops, glitter drops, embellishment mousses, gilding flakes, glue pens, alcohol based pens, embossing powders etc. 

With these two amazing brands in place, Tonic is all about the cut and Nuvo is all about the finish.